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At Fresco Foods, We put our fork where our mouth is. With our commitment to quality and freshness, we bring to you sustainable and wholesome ingredients in our signature organic meals.

We provide catering and meal deliveries to all sized personal and commercial venues.

We will work within your budget to provide you with quality and freshness that you can be proud to serve to yourself and guests,

Contact our team today to taste the difference with Fresco Foods.

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About Us
​We are a Toronto based food catering enterprise with a commitment to bringing you fresh, organic, GMO-free meals that you can be proud to serve to your friends, family and guests.

​Contact one of our team support members today to get started on our wide variety of catering options to meat all your gastronimcal needs and preferences.

We provide vegan, vegetarian and ethical meat options accommoating all dietary restrictions with a commitment to taste that will not be matched.

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